2015 ORS § 408.270¹
Restoration of employees seniority and tenure

Upon the termination of any leave granted by ORS 408.240 (Status and rights of public officer and employee during and after military duty), every public employee shall be restored to the position without loss of seniority or other benefits. It is the intention of the Legislative Assembly that such employee shall be restored in such manner as to give the employee the status in employment that the employee would have enjoyed if the employee had continued in such employment continuously from the time of entering the Armed Forces until the time of restoration to such employment. Any person so restored to the position shall not be discharged from such position without cause within one year after such restoration. Any employee who has not completed the probationary period in the position at the time of leaving for military duty, shall, upon returning to such position, be required to serve the remainder of such probationary period, notwithstanding the granting of continuous time credit for time served in the Armed Forces.