2015 ORS § 407.115¹
Administration of loan program
  • rules

The Department of Veterans Affairs shall administer the provisions of ORS 407.125 (Loans to qualified person), 407.165 (Authority to hold certain funds received from borrower), 407.205 (Application for loan), 407.275 (Terms of loan to veteran and transferee), 407.415 (Issuance of bonds), 407.495 (Oregon War Veterans Fund) and 407.515 (Oregon War Veterans Bond Sinking Account) to 407.565 (Revolving account). The department may adopt all necessary rules not inconsistent with those sections to carry into effect their provisions. The department may appoint assistants and agents necessary to expeditious and efficient administration and fix their compensation. [Formerly 407.020; 2005 c.625 §17]