2015 ORS § 406.090¹
Sections not affected by parts of this chapter

The administration of ORS 273.035 (Governor is chairperson of board) to 273.051 (General powers and duties of department and board), 273.071 (Oaths), 273.161 (Director of department) to 273.175 (Employees of department) and 408.710 (Indigent veteran defined) to 408.740 (Appointment and duties of county veterans relief officer) shall in no way be affected by ORS 406.010 (Definition of director) to 406.070 (Director to qualify and furnish bond), 406.210 (Function of advisory committee), 406.220 (Meetings and reports) and 406.340 (Director authorized to accept voluntary services), and such laws are excepted from the operation thereof. The Department of Veterans Affairs shall cooperate with the person or agency responsible for the administration of such laws, and shall render such reasonable assistance in that regard as may be requested by any such person or agency. [Amended by 1967 c.421 §201; 1967 c.616 §§28,28a; 2005 c.625 §11]