2015 ORS § 404.135¹
Investigative subpoena

(1) If a peace officer has probable cause to believe that an individual is missing and in danger, the officer may request that the Attorney General, a district attorney, a city or county attorney or a circuit court judge execute in writing and cause to be served an investigative subpoena upon an individual who is believed, by the Attorney General, the district attorney, the city or county attorney or circuit court judge, to have information, documents or physical evidence that may be useful in locating the missing person.

(2) The investigative subpoena requires the person, under oath or otherwise, to appear and testify, to answer written interrogatories or to produce documents or physical evidence for examination, at a reasonable time and place as may be stated in the subpoena, to further the investigation into the whereabouts of the missing individual.

(3) Information, documents or physical evidence obtained pursuant to this section may not be used for criminal investigation or prosecution.

(4) This section does not alter the status of information, documents or physical evidence disclosed. Notwithstanding disclosure for the purpose of locating a missing individual, confidential information, documents or physical evidence retain their confidential status. [Formerly 401.582]