2015 ORS § 404.110¹
Search and rescue activities
  • responsibilities of sheriff
  • delegation of sheriffs duties

(1) The sheriff of each county has the responsibility for search and rescue activities within the county. The duty of a sheriff under this subsection may be delegated to a deputy or other qualified person.

(2) If the sheriff does not accept the responsibility for search and rescue activities, the chief executive of the county shall direct the county emergency program manager appointed under ORS 401.305 (Emergency management agency of city, county or tribal government) to perform the duties and responsibilities required under ORS 404.100 (Search and Rescue Coordinator) to 404.270 (Reimbursement of public body for search and rescue by benefited persons).

(3) A sheriff or other person performing the duties of the sheriff under this section shall notify the Office of Emergency Management of each search and rescue in the county and shall request the assignment of incident numbers for each search and rescue.

(4) When search and rescue activities occur in a multicounty area:

(a) The sheriff of one county, or the other person performing the duties of the sheriff of one of the counties under this section, shall take charge, or the counties shall form a unified command, as outlined in the National Incident Management System Incident Command System established by Homeland Security Presidential Directive 5 of February 28, 2003; or

(b) If the appropriate sheriff or other person does not assume command as described in paragraph (a) of this subsection, the sheriff who received the initial call shall take charge of the multicounty search and rescue. [Formerly 401.560]