2015 ORS § 391.130¹
Allocation of lottery moneys to Regional Light Rail Extension Construction Fund
  • authorized expenditures
  • end of allocations upon certification by Director of Transportation

(1) In each fiscal year beginning with the fiscal year commencing July 1, 1991, there is allocated, from the Administrative Services Economic Development Fund created by ORS 461.540 (Administrative Services Economic Development Fund), the amount of $8 million. However, commencing with the first fiscal year next following the fiscal year in which bonds are first issued under ORS 391.140 (Revenue bonds for specified light rail project), there shall be allocated from such fund the amount of $10 million in each fiscal year. In each fiscal year after bonds are first issued, the Director of Transportation shall certify any funds allotted in excess of amounts necessary to pay the annual debt service on the outstanding bonds and to fund the amounts committed to be paid in the current or any future fiscal year under any written agreement or commitment entered into by the Director of Transportation pursuant to ORS