2015 ORS § 390.815¹
  • establishment of system

The people of Oregon find that many of the free-flowing rivers of Oregon and Waldo Lake and lands adjacent to such lake and rivers possess outstanding scenic, fish, wildlife, geological, botanical, historic, archaeologic, and outdoor recreation values of present and future benefit to the public. The people of Oregon also find that the policy of permitting construction of dams and other impoundment facilities at appropriate sections of the rivers of Oregon and Waldo Lake needs to be complemented by a policy that would preserve Waldo Lake and selected rivers or sections thereof in a free-flowing condition and would protect and preserve the natural setting and water quality of the lake and such rivers and fulfill other conservation purposes. It is therefore the policy of Oregon to preserve for the benefit of the public Waldo Lake and selected parts of the states free-flowing rivers. For these purposes there is established an Oregon Scenic Waterways System to be composed of areas designated in accordance with ORS 390.805 (Definitions for ORS 390.805 to 390.925) to 390.925 (Enforcement) and any subsequent Acts. [1971 c.1 §1; 1983 c.334 §2]