2015 ORS § 390.725¹
Permits for removal of products along ocean shore
  • rules

(1) Removal of natural products such as fish or wildlife, agates or small amounts of driftwood from a state recreation area as defined in ORS 390.605 (Definitions) for personal, noncommercial use is not subject to the provisions of ORS 390.650 (Improvement permit procedure).

(2) The collection of natural products for the purpose of trade, sale or resale shall be subject to the permit provisions and standards of ORS 390.650 (Improvement permit procedure) and 390.655 (Standards for improvement permits). Permits shall provide for the payment of just compensation by the permittee as provided by rule adopted under subsection (4) of this section.

(3) No archaeological object associated with an archaeological site, as those terms are defined in ORS 358.905 (Definitions for ORS 358.905 to 358.961), shall be removed from the ocean shore except as provided in ORS 358.920 (Prohibited conduct) and 390.235 (Permits and conditions for excavation or removal of archaeological or historical material).

(4) Rules or permits shall be made or granted by the State Parks and Recreation Department only after consultation with the State Fish and Wildlife Commission, the State Department of Geology and Mineral Industries and the Department of State Lands. Rules and permits shall contain provisions necessary to protect the areas from any use, activity or practice inimicable to the conservation of natural resources or public recreation.

(5) The terms, royalty and duration of a permit under this section are at the discretion of the State Parks and Recreation Department. A permit is revocable at any time in the discretion of the department without liability to the permittee.

(6) Whenever the issuance of a permit under this section will affect lands owned privately, the State Parks and Recreation Department shall withhold the issuance of such permit until such time as the permittee shall have obtained an easement, license or other written authorization from the private owner, which easement, license or other written authority must meet the approval of the department, except as to the compensation to be paid to the private owner. [1969 c.601 §23; 1999 c.373 §7]