2015 ORS § 390.230¹
Fort Stevens Military Reservation
  • Clatsop Spit

(1) The right, title and interest of all state agencies, other than the State Fish and Wildlife Commission and political subdivisions, in the lands described in subsection (2) of this section are hereby vested in the State or Oregon by and through its State Parks and Recreation Department.

(2) All of the lands, together with the accretions thereto lying westerly of the east line of section 7, township 8 north, range 10 west, Willamette Meridian, Clatsop County, State of Oregon, extending northerly to the main channel of the Columbia River as it existed on May 19, 1967; bounded on the south by the south line of said section 7 extended westerly to the low water of the Pacific Ocean; and bounded on the north by the main channel of said Columbia River extended downstream to the Pacific Ocean. [1967 c.288 §§1,2]