2015 ORS § 383.011¹
Contract terms regarding entry into possession by Department of Transportation
  • eminent domain

(1) Every contract, agreement or other arrangement between the Department of Transportation and any private entity pursuant to which a private entity owns, leases or operates a tollway shall provide that, if an event occurs that seriously jeopardizes or impairs the continued availability and operation of the tollway, the department shall be entitled to enter into and take possession of the tollway and to exercise all of the rights attendant to such possession, including the right to receive all tolls and other revenues of the tollway, subject to any obligations incurred for the tollway, and the right to operate, maintain, repair and reconstruct the tollway.

(2) The department may exercise the power of eminent domain to acquire property for tollway projects, regardless of whether the property will be owned in fee simple by the department. [1995 c.668 §5; 2001 c.844 §2]