2015 ORS § 377.768¹
Effect of relocation permit on existing sign permit
  • duty of director

Notwithstanding ORS 377.700 (Short title) to 377.844 (Enforcement of rules regarding health and safety):

(1) Issuance of a permit under ORS 377.767 (Relocation of existing outdoor advertising sign) to relocate an outdoor advertising sign for which a permit has been issued under ORS 377.725 (Permit) does not cancel the original permit issued under ORS 377.725 (Permit) except as provided in this section. The applicant for the permit to relocate shall surrender the original permit to the Director of Transportation upon issuance of the permit to relocate. Upon completion of the relocation of the outdoor advertising sign, including the removal of the sign structure from the original site, the person holding the permit for relocation of the sign shall immediately notify the director in writing.

(2) The director shall retain any permit surrendered under subsection (1) of this section. If the director:

(a) Is notified that the relocation of the outdoor advertising sign is completed within 180 days after the issuance of the permit for relocation, the director shall cancel the original permit.

(b) Cancels the permit for relocation because the relocation of the outdoor advertising sign is not completed within 180 days as required under ORS 377.725 (Permit), the director shall reinstate the original permit for the sign to the person whose permit for relocation of the sign is canceled.

(3) A permit that is reinstated under subsection (2) of this section remains valid and retains all rights under ORS 377.725 (Permit) of a permit that has not been surrendered under this section. [1979 c.146 §2; 1993 c.741 §59; 2007 c.199 §15; 2009 c.463 §9]