2015 ORS § 376.810¹
Ordinance establishing mall
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Following the adoption of the resolution provided for in ORS 376.780 (Resolution after hearing) (1), and as soon as moneys have been fully provided for the payment of all claims, if any, allowed pursuant to ORS 376.770 (Allowing claims for damages), and for the payment of all damages and compensation, if any, awarded in any action or actions brought pursuant to ORS chapter 35, the legislative body may adopt an ordinance establishing the pedestrian mall. Such ordinance shall contain:

(1) A general description of the pedestrian mall and a declaration and determination that the same is finally established. The mall as finally established shall be substantially the same as that described in the resolution of intention.

(2) Rules and regulations prohibiting vehicular traffic on such pedestrian mall subject to such exceptions as the ordinance may provide. Such rules and regulations and such exceptions shall be substantially in accordance with the statements made in the resolution of intention.

(3) Such additional rules and regulations as the legislative body may determine pertaining to the interpretation, operation and enforcement of the rules and regulations referred to in subsection (2) of this section, and otherwise pertaining to the use, operation, maintenance of the pedestrian mall.

(4) Such provisions as the legislative body may determine pertaining to the operative date or dates of any of such rules or regulations. [1961 c.666 §31]