2015 ORS § 376.770¹
Allowing claims for damages
  • payment

(1) At the hearing on the resolution of intention the legislative body may allow any claim for damages made pursuant to ORS 376.755 (Objections to mall) (2). Any such allowance shall be for the full amount of damages claimed in the written claim except that the legislative body, with the written consent of the claimant, may allow a claim for a lesser amount.

(2) The right of any claimant to payment of the amount of any allowed claim shall be contingent upon the final establishment of the pedestrian mall but all allowed claims must be paid by the city, from such source as the legislative body may determine, before vehicular traffic is prohibited, in whole or in part, on the pedestrian mall, pursuant to ORS 376.705 (Definitions for ORS 376.705 to 376.825) to 376.825 (Improvements on mall). [1961 c.666 §20]