2015 ORS § 376.355¹
Limitations on using motor vehicles to transport forest products over forest road
  • regulations and permits for crossing state highways

(1) During such term as may be specified in the contract, the forest road contractor and agents and subcontractors of the forest road contractor have the right and privilege to:

(a) Use and operate over the contract forest road, motor vehicles limited as to wheel base, weights, dimensions, tire widths and tire surfaces only as specified in the contract.

(b) Transport forest products upon such motor vehicles over the road, with loads limited as to gross weights, axle load weights, tire load weights, and load dimensions and heights only as specified in the contract.

(2) Whenever any forest road contractor operates any motor vehicle having a size or weight prohibited by or in excess of the limitations contained in any law pertaining to state highways, on a contract forest road which crosses a state highway, the Department of Transportation may adopt rules and regulations and issue permits for said motor vehicle to cross said state highway in the use of such contract forest road. Such rules and regulations and such permits may include, but need not be limited to, provisions for reinforcing and strengthening the highway and for the installation of signs and signals, and such other requirements as the Department of Transportation may deem necessary for the preservation of the highway and for the safety and best interest of the public. All construction and installations under such permits shall be under the supervision of the Department of Transportation and at the expense of the forest road contractor. [Amended by 1953 c.370 §5]