2015 ORS § 374.085¹
Severance by throughway of agricultural land

Wherever by the location, relocation, establishment and construction or reconstruction of a throughway under ORS 374.005 (Policy and purpose of ORS 374.005 to 374.095) to 374.095 (Utility roads where access to abutting property affected) real property, title to which is held under one ownership, is severed and the land is being used for farm or other agricultural purposes, provision shall be made by the Department of Transportation for crossing the highway from one such tract to the other or compensation for the severance of the tract shall be paid. Should such tracts at any time cease to be held under one ownership, the department may terminate and discontinue the road crossings. No such connecting-road crossing shall be used for or in connection with the conduct of any roadside business or enterprise, but shall be available and used solely for passage from one of the severed tracts to the other.