2015 ORS § 374.035¹
Acquisition of real property
  • effect of resolution

(1) The Department of Transportation may, in the name of the state, acquire by agreement, donation or exercise of the power of eminent domain, fee title to or any interest in any real property, including easements of air, view, light and access, which in the opinion or judgment of the department is deemed necessary for the construction of any throughway, the establishment of any section of an existing state road or highway as a throughway or the construction of a service road. The department may accomplish such acquisition in the same manner and by the same procedure as real property is acquired for state highway purposes, except that in case the acquisition is by proceedings in eminent domain the resolution required under such procedure shall specify, in addition to other provisions and requirements of law, that the real property is required and is being appropriated for the purpose of establishing, constructing and maintaining a throughway.

(2) A resolution adopted by the department stating and setting forth that a proposed highway is to be constructed as a throughway is conclusive evidence that the highway when constructed is a throughway with all the characteristics and incidents prescribed by and provided for in ORS 374.005 (Policy and purpose of ORS 374.005 to 374.095) to 374.095 (Utility roads where access to abutting property affected).