2015 ORS § 368.011¹
County authority to supersede statutes
  • limitations

(1) Except as otherwise provided in this section, a county may supersede any provision in this chapter by enacting an ordinance pursuant to the charter of the county or under powers granted the county in ORS 203.030 (Definition for ORS 203.030 to 203.075) to 203.075 (Applicable law for local improvement assessments).

(2) A county may not enact an ordinance to supersede a provision of this section or ORS 368.001 (Definitions), 368.016 (County authority over roads), 368.021 (County authority over trails), 368.026 (Withdrawal of county road status), 368.031 (County jurisdiction over local access roads), 368.051 (Accounting for county road work), 368.705 (County road fund), 368.710 (Apportionment of certain local option taxes), 368.720 (Using road funds outside of county) or 368.722 (Expenditure of general road fund on city streets and bridges). [1981 c.153 §3; 2007 c.679 §3]