2015 ORS § 366.570¹
Payments under cooperative agreement with federal government

(1) Where state or county roads are to be surveyed or constructed under the supervision of the federal government with the aid of state or county funds, or both, the State Treasurer or county treasurer, or both, may advance to the federal government, in the manner provided in this section, the full amount set forth in the cooperative agreement, or such portion of the amount as may be specified by the federal government at any time after the Department of Transportation or the county commissioners have entered into a cooperative agreement with the federal government for the survey, construction or maintenance of a road under any such statute, or under any appropriation statute for the federal government against which such expenditures may be chargeable.

(2) The advance payments shall be made to the fiscal agent of the federal government designated by, and upon receipt of, a request for such funds from the federal government, if the federal government agrees to refund to the state or county treasurer, or both, as the case may be, any amount advanced in excess of the proportionate share of the actual cost.

(3) When the state, through the Department of Transportation has entered into any cooperative agreement with the federal government for the survey or construction of any state road or highway as in this section contemplated, the department shall prepare, verify and approve a claim in favor of the federal government for the amount of the states share of the cost of the work, accompanying the claim with a copy of the agreement. The claim shall be paid by warrant on the State Treasurer in the manner provided by law, from such funds as are available for road purposes as shall be directed by the department. [Formerly 366.765]