2015 ORS § 366.340¹
Acquisition of real property generally

The Department of Transportation may acquire by purchase, agreement, donation or by exercise of the power of eminent domain real property, or any right or interest therein, including any easement or right of access, deemed necessary for:

(1) Construction of shops, equipment sheds, office buildings, maintenance sites, patrolmen accommodations, snow fences, quarry sites, gravel pits, storage sites, stock pile sites, weighing stations and broadcasting stations.

(2) Appropriation, acquisition or manufacture of road-building materials, approach or hauling roads, connecting roads, frontage road, highway drainage and drainage tunnels.

(3) Maintenance of an unobstructed view of any state highway so as to provide for the safety of the traveling public.

(4) Any other use or purpose deemed necessary for carrying out the purposes of this Act.

(5) Elimination or prevention of hazardous or undesirable points of entry from adjacent property to state highways. [Amended by 1953 c.252 §2]