2015 ORS § 36.705¹
Vacating award

and 36.710 (Modification or correction of award). A court may vacate a decision only if there is a basis to vacate the decision as described in ORS 36.705 (Vacating award) (1)(a) to (d). The court may modify or correct a decision only for the grounds given in ORS 36.710 (Modification or correction of award).

(3) The office shall establish a roster of mediators qualified to mediate disputes under subsection (1) of this section. This list may be used by the disputing agencies when selecting a mediator.

(4) Unless otherwise agreed upon, the costs of the mediation or arbitration, including the mediators or arbitrators fees, must be divided equally among the disputing agencies. [Formerly 401.785; 2015 c.247 §17]