2015 ORS § 358.420¹
Status of property loaned to a museum
  • statute of limitations on recovery

(1) No action shall be brought against a museum to recover property on loan to the museum when more than 25 years have passed from the date of the last written contact between the lender and the museum.

(2) Property on loan to a museum shall be deemed to have been donated to the museum if no action is filed to recover the property within seven years after the museum gave notice of termination of the loan as provided in ORS 358.425 (Notice of termination of loan) and 358.430 (Procedure for giving notice).

(3) Property on loan to a museum shall not escheat to the state under ORS 112.055 (Escheat), but shall pass to the museum if no person takes under ORS 112.025 (Share of surviving spouse if decedent leaves issue) to 112.045 (Share of others than surviving spouse). [1985 c.580 §2]