2015 ORS § 358.415¹
Definitions for ORS 358.420 to 358.440

For the purposes of ORS 358.420 (Status of property loaned to a museum) to 358.440 (Notice to lenders):

(1) Loan, loaned and on loan include all deposits of property with a museum that are not accompanied by a transfer of title to the property.

(2) Museum means an institution located in Oregon that:

(a) Is primarily educational, scientific or aesthetic in purpose;

(b) Owns, borrows or cares for, and studies, archives or exhibits property; and

(c) Is operated by a nonprofit corporation or public agency.

(3) Property includes all tangible objects, animate and inanimate, under a museums care that have intrinsic value to science, history, art or culture, except that it does not include botanical or zoological specimens loaned to a museum for scientific research purposes. [1985 c.580 §1; 2005 c.22 §256]