2015 ORS § 348.594¹
Definitions for ORS 348.594 to 348.615

This section is amended
Effective January 1, 2017
Relating to higher education; creating new provisions; and amending ORS 348.511, 348.582, 348.594, 348.597, 348.608, 350.075, 350.290 and 458.685.

As used in ORS 348.594 (Definitions for ORS 348.594 to 348.615) to 348.615 (Appeal procedure):

(1)(a) Diploma mill means:

(A) A school against which a court or public body, as defined in ORS 174.109 (Public body defined), has issued a ruling or finding, after due process procedures, that the school has engaged in dishonest, fraudulent or deceptive practices related to the award of degrees, academic standards or student learning requirements; or

(B) An entity without legal authority as a school to issue degrees valid as credentials in the jurisdiction that authorizes issuance of degrees.

(b) Diploma mill does not include:

(A) A school operating legally under ORS 348.604 (Exemption from ORS 348.594 to 348.615); or

(B) A school that is actively seeking and able to show evidence of reasonable progress toward regional accreditation with one of the regional post-secondary accrediting bodies recognized by the United States Department of Education.

(2) School means a person, organization, school or institution of learning that confers or offers to confer an academic degree upon a person or to provide academic credit applicable to a degree. [1997 c.652 §8; 1999 c.59 §93; 2005 c.546 §8; 2007 c.325 §1]