2015 ORS § 346.180¹
Vocational rehabilitation services

The Commission for the Blind shall maintain a program of vocational rehabilitation services. The object of the program shall be to aid persons with visual impairments in finding employment, to provide such physical restoration as will increase their employability, to establish a program of small business enterprises in which such persons are able to work, to establish individual programs of college and university instruction, also training in trades and occupations which may be followed in their homes and elsewhere, to cooperate with the United States Government in vocational rehabilitation programs for persons who are blind, including establishment of small business enterprises for them in buildings owned or rented by the federal government and to assist persons with visual impairments, in whatever manner may seem advisable to the commission, in disposing of the products of their industries. [Amended by 1975 c.638 §4; 1989 c.224 §60; 2007 c.70 §124]