2015 ORS § 344.620¹
State Vocational Rehabilitation Account
  • federal funds
  • custody and disbursement
  • records

(1) There is established in the General Fund of the State Treasury a State Vocational Rehabilitation Account. The account shall consist of all moneys made available to the Department of Human Services for rehabilitation purposes. All moneys in the account are continuously appropriated for the purposes of the administration of ORS 344.511 (Definitions for ORS 344.511 to 344.690 and 344.710 to 344.730) to 344.690 (Advances to fund from account), 344.710 (Rehabilitation facility defined for ORS 344.720 and 344.730) to 344.730 (Financial report) and 344.850 (Reimbursements to Department of Human Services).

(2) The State Treasurer is designated custodian of all funds received from the federal government for the purpose of carrying out any federal Act pertaining to vocational rehabilitation. The State Treasurer shall receive such funds and provide for their custody.

(3) Disbursements from the State Vocational Rehabilitation Account shall be made as directed by the department. The department shall keep a record of all moneys deposited in such account. The record shall indicate by separate cumulative accounts the source from which the moneys are derived and the departmental activity against which each withdrawal is charged. [Amended by 1967 c.552 §8; 1969 c.597 §167; 1983 c.297 §1; 2001 c.900 §58; 2005 c.755 §22]