2015 ORS § 344.590¹
Appeal and hearing

Any individual applying for or receiving vocational rehabilitation who is aggrieved because of the Department of Human Services decision or delay in making a decision shall be entitled to appeal to the department, and opportunity for hearing as a contested case shall be accorded as provided in ORS chapter 183 and chapter 734, Oregon Laws 1971. [Amended by 1967 c.552 §6; 1971 c.734 §38]

Note: Legislative Counsel has substituted chapter 734, Oregon Laws 1971, for the words this 1971 Act in section 38, chapter 734, Oregon Laws 1971, compiled as 344.590 (Appeal and hearing). Specific ORS references have not been substituted, pursuant to 173.160 (Powers and duties of Legislative Counsel in preparing editions for publication). The sections for which substitution otherwise would be made may be determined by referring to the 1971 Comparative Section Table located in Volume 20 of ORS.