2015 ORS § 336.625¹
  • district responsibility
  • registration
  • rules

(1) In implementing alternative education programs, district school boards shall maintain learning situations that are flexible with regard to environment, time, structure and pedagogy.

(2) Students participating in alternative education programs are considered to be the responsibility of the resident district for purposes of ORS 332.072 (Legal status of school districts).

(3) The State Board of Education by rule:

(a) Shall define the accountable activities and allowable credit for these activities in alternative education programs;

(b) Shall adopt a process for registering private alternative education programs that includes, but is not limited to, the requirements of ORS 336.631 (Private alternative programs); and

(c) Shall establish standards for private alternative education programs to ensure a safe educational environment and an instructional program that provides students with the opportunity to make progress toward achieving state academic content and performance standards.

(4) A school district may not waive the right to implement an alternative education program in a collective bargaining agreement. [Formerly 339.615; 1997 c.521 §24; 2001 c.490 §2]