2015 ORS § 317.920¹
Tax imposed on unrelated business income of certain exempt corporations

(1) Notwithstanding ORS 317.080 (Exempt corporations), a corporation otherwise exempt from tax under ORS 317.080 (Exempt corporations) (1), (2), (3), (4), (7) or (9) shall be subject to the tax imposed by and in accordance with the provisions of this chapter, but only as to its unrelated business taxable income, as defined under the Internal Revenue Code.

(2) Subsection (1) of this section shall not apply to an organization described in section 501(c)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code.

(3) In the case of unrelated business income of a private foundation described in section 509 of the Internal Revenue Code, the first quarter of estimated tax due under ORS 314.515 (Installment schedule for payment of estimated tax) (1)(a) shall be paid on or before the 15th day of the fifth month of the taxable year. [1959 c.356 §2; 1975 c.652 §90; 1983 c.162 §42; 1985 c.802 §28b; 1987 c.293 §48; 1997 c.839 §37; 1999 c.90 §25a]