2015 ORS § 316.194¹
Withholding from lottery prize payments
  • rules

(1) If a lottery prize payment for a prize is $5,000 or more, and the payment is made to an individual, the Oregon State Lottery Commission shall withhold eight percent of the payment. A payment made to a partnership, estate, trust or corporation shall not be subject to the withholding of tax.

(2) The commission shall pay to the Department of Revenue any amounts withheld under this section in the time and manner provided by the department by rule.

(3) If a prize exceeds $600, the commission shall provide the prize recipient an income reporting form indicating the amount of the prize payment being made. At the request of the prize recipient or the department, the commission shall provide the requester a copy of an income reporting form provided under this subsection. [1997 c.849 §4; 1999 c.43 §1; 1999 c.143 §5; 2003 c.48 §1]