2015 ORS § 308.316¹
Examining witnesses, books and records
  • reference of matter to department upon failure to produce records or testify

(1) The county assessor, for the purpose of ascertaining the correctness of any assessment or for the purpose of making any assessment, and the officer having possession of the roll, for the purpose of discovering any omitted value or property under ORS 311.216 (Notice of intention to add omitted property to rolls) to 311.232 (Mandamus to require placing omitted property on roll), may examine or cause to be examined by any agent or representative designated by the assessor or officer any books, papers, records or memoranda bearing on the value, possession, ownership or location of any property, and may require the attendance of the taxpayer or any other person having knowledge in the premises. The assessor may administer oaths to such persons, take their testimony, and require proof material to the information requested. Examination shall be made and testimony taken during regular business hours at the taxpayers or persons place of business in the county, or at another place convenient to the parties.

(2) If any person fails to permit the examination of any books, papers or documents considered by the assessor to be pertinent to the investigation or inquiry being made, or to testify to any matter in the premises, the assessor shall refer the matter to the Department of Revenue, stating in full the facts governing the request and refusal. The department may require the assessor to present additional facts, or the department may conduct other inquiries necessary to a consideration of the matter. If the department finds that the examination should be made or the testimony taken, it shall take any action it considers appropriate under the powers granted to it by law, including the subpoenaing and examination of witnesses, books and papers pursuant to ORS 305.190 (Subpoenaing and examining witnesses, books and papers), to the end that the property under consideration is ratably assessed according to law.

(3) For the purposes of this section the words county assessor or assessor mean both the county assessor and the officer described in ORS 311.216 (Notice of intention to add omitted property to rolls) to 311.232 (Mandamus to require placing omitted property on roll) having possession of the roll. [1955 c.610 §2; 1981 c.804 §51]