2015 ORS § 308.245¹
  • taxpayers index

(1) The assessor of each county shall maintain a set of maps upon which are outlined the boundaries of each land parcel subject to separate assessment within the county, with the parcels tax lot or account number shown on the parcel. In addition, the assessor may show on the maps the code area boundaries and the assigned code area numbers.

(2) The assessor shall also make a diagram or drawing of all property within the county of the assessor submitted to the provisions of ORS 100.005 (Definitions) to 100.910 (Use of fees), and shall note thereon the assigned account or tax lot number.

(3) The assessor shall maintain an index of the names of every taxpayer against whom any tax is charged in the county, in alphabetical order with reference to the first three letters of the surname of taxpayers who have surnames, and of the first names of any others. The index shall be indexed to the assessment rolls and the place therein where the assessment of such taxpayer is found.

(4) The maps and the index provided for in this section shall be public records. [Amended by 1963 c.541 §44; 1965 c.344 §7]