2015 ORS § 305.875¹
Rights of taxpayer in meeting or communication with department

In any meeting or communication with the Department of Revenue, including but not limited to audits, conferences, interviews and any other meeting or communication between the taxpayer and the department, the taxpayer shall have the following rights, unless waived by the taxpayer:

(1) The right to an explanation, by an officer or employee of the department before or during the meeting of:

(a) The audit, conference or meeting process and the taxpayers rights under such process; and

(b) The collection process and the taxpayers rights under such process.

(2) The right to make an audio recording of any meeting relating to the determination or collection of any tax with the department representative, using the taxpayers own equipment, and at the taxpayers own expense.

(3) If the department makes an audio recording of the meeting, the taxpayer has the right to advance notice of the recording and a copy of the recording upon request. The taxpayer shall reimburse the department the reasonable cost of the copy.

(4) The right to consult with an attorney, certified public accountant, enrolled agent, or an other person permitted to represent a taxpayer at any meeting before the department, if the taxpayer clearly states to the department representative at any time during any meeting, that the taxpayer wishes to consult with the person. This subsection does not apply to a meeting initiated by an administrative subpoena.

(5) The right to be represented by anyone who is permitted to represent the taxpayer before the department, as provided under ORS 305.230 (Qualifications of persons representing taxpayer) and 305.245 (Representation before tax court magistrate by officer or employee of county or department).

(6) The right not to be present, if represented, at the meeting unless subpoenaed by the department pursuant to ORS 305.190 (Subpoenaing and examining witnesses, books and papers), or other laws of this state. [1989 c.625 §70; 1995 c.650 §112a]