2015 ORS § 30.970¹
Definitions for ORS 30.970 to 30.990

As used in ORS 30.970 (Definitions for ORS 30.970 to 30.990) to 30.990 (Operators required to give skiers notice of duties):

(1) Inherent risks of skiing includes, but is not limited to, those dangers or conditions which are an integral part of the sport, such as changing weather conditions, variations or steepness in terrain, snow or ice conditions, surface or subsurface conditions, bare spots, creeks and gullies, forest growth, rocks, stumps, lift towers and other structures and their components, collisions with other skiers and a skiers failure to ski within the skiers own ability.

(2) Injury means any personal injury or property damage or loss.

(3) Skier means any person who is in a ski area for the purpose of engaging in the sport of skiing or who rides as a passenger on any ski lift device.

(4) Ski area means any area designated and maintained by a ski area operator for skiing.

(5) Ski area operator means those persons, and their agents, officers, employees or representatives, who operate a ski area. [1979 c.665 §1]