2015 ORS § 30.192¹
Definitions for ORS 30.192 to 30.196

As used in ORS 30.192 (Definitions for ORS 30.192 to 30.196) to 30.196 (Amount recoverable):

(1) Cable operator means a person who:

(a) Lawfully provides cable service over a cable system in which the person, directly or through one or more affiliates, owns a significant interest; or

(b) Lawfully controls or is responsible for the management and operation of a cable system through an arrangement.

(2) Cable service means:

(a) One-way transmission to subscribers of a video programming service;

(b) Two-way interactive services delivered over a cable system; or

(c) Any communication with subscribers necessary for the use of video programming or interactive service.

(3) Cable system means a facility consisting of closed transmission paths and associated signal operation, reception and control equipment that is designed to provide cable service. [1999 c.705 §1]