2015 ORS § 295.041¹
Subrogation rights of State Treasurer

When the State Treasurer distributes the proceeds of assessments and liquidated collateral to a public official under ORS 295.037 (Distribution of collateral after loss in bank depository) or 295.038 (Distribution of collateral after loss in credit union depository), the State Treasurer is subrogated to all of the public officials right, title and interest against the closed depository, and shares in any distribution of the depositorys assets ratably with other depositors. Sums received from a distribution must be paid to the public official to the extent of any unpaid net deposit liability. The State Treasurer shall pay the remaining balance to the depositories against which the assessments were made, pro rata in proportion to the assessments each depository paid. However, the closed depository may not share in a distribution of the balance remaining. The State Treasurer may charge expenses that the State Treasurer incurs in enforcing the State Treasurers rights under this section as provided in ORS 295.106 (State Treasurer charges). The State Treasurer shall submit a claim for expenses to the depository, and if the charges are thereafter paid to the State Treasurer, they shall be treated as a liquidation expense of the closed depository. [2007 c.871 §6; 2009 c.821 §11; 2010 c.101 §14]