2015 ORS § 294.510¹
Order for revision of budgetary procedures
  • enforcement

(1) The Department of Revenue may order a municipal corporation to revise its budget procedures to conform with ORS 294.305 (Sections constituting Local Budget Law) to 294.565 (Failure to file copy of required budget, reports or other documents) when irregularities in the procedures of the municipal corporation are called to its attention.

(2) The Department of Revenue may require the municipal corporation in its order to file for inspection a copy of the budget document at any stage in the procedure of the budget preparation.

(3) If the municipal corporation or officer or employee thereof neglects or refuses to comply with the department order, the department may apply to the judge of the Oregon Tax Court for an order returnable within five days from the date thereof, to compel such municipal corporation, public officer or employee to comply with such order or to show cause why the order should not be complied with.

(4) Any order issued by the judge pursuant to subsection (3) of this section may be appealed from as provided by ORS 305.445 (Appeals to Supreme Court), except that the appeal shall be filed within 10 days of the entering of the order. The Supreme Court shall hear and determine the appeal expeditiously, as may be appropriate for the timely and orderly completion of the budgetary process of the municipal corporation and the extension of its levy upon the assessment and tax roll.

(5) The remedy provided in this section is cumulative and shall not preclude the department from exercising any power or right otherwise provided by law. [1963 c.576 §34b; 1977 c.221 §1]