2015 ORS § 294.481¹
Authorization to receive grants or borrow or expend moneys to respond to public emergency

(1) As necessary to respond to an emergency situation, the governing body of a municipal corporation may:

(a) Adopt an ordinance or resolution authorizing the municipal corporation to receive grants or borrow moneys not included in the budget of the municipal corporation for the current year or current budget period; and

(b) Make appropriations for estimated expenditures out of any source of available funds, including unappropriated fund balances, by ordinance or resolution in the same manner as provided in ORS 294.463 (Transfers of appropriations within fund or between funds) (1), or by supplemental budget as provided in ORS 294.471 (Supplemental budget in certain cases) (3) or 294.473 (Procedure when supplemental budget changes estimated expenditures by more than 10 percent).

(2) If a meeting of the governing body of a municipal corporation is not practical in an emergency situation, the chief executive officer of the municipal corporation may, by written order, authorize the immediate expenditure of funds from any available source to respond to a threat to public health or safety.

(3) As used in this section, emergency situation means:

(a) Involuntary conversion or destruction of the property of a municipal corporation;

(b) Civil disturbance;

(c) Natural disaster; or

(d) Any public calamity. [Formerly 294.455; 2013 c.420 §6]