2015 ORS § 292.110¹
Procedure where employee dies having credit in account

(1) If a state employee dies having moneys to the credit of the state employee in the Employes Bond Savings Account, the moneys shall be paid to the co-owner or beneficiary named in the employees payroll allotment authorization for the purchase of such bonds or obligations. If no co-owner or beneficiary is designated therein, then, if the employee is married, the moneys shall be paid or refunded to the employees surviving spouse, or, if the employee is unmarried, to a next of kin.

(2) Uncashed refund checks or orders issued and delivered to state employees before death, may be paid to the like parties in the order named, upon indorsement of the checks or orders by such parties in the name of the deceased payee and individually. [Amended by 1981 c.567 §7]