2015 ORS § 292.061¹
Deduction for payment of delinquent taxes

(1) Any state official authorized to disburse funds in payment of salaries or wages of state officers or employees is authorized, upon written request of the state officer or employee, to deduct each pay period from the salary or wages of the officer or employee the amount of money designated by the officer or employee for the purpose of paying delinquent taxes, including interest and penalties, due state or federal agencies. Such deductions must be in accordance with an agreement between the officer or employee and the state or federal agency.

(2) The state official each month shall pay such amount so deducted to the state or federal agency designated to receive it.

(3) Upon receipt of the request in writing of the officer or employee so to do, the state official shall cease making such deductions and payments. [1987 c.444 §2]