2015 ORS § 292.042¹
Paying employees by single payment to designated financial institutions

(1) Notwithstanding the provisions of ORS 292.039 (Paying officers and employees of certain state institutions and agencies) or any other law, any state official authorized to disburse funds in payment of salaries or wages of state officers or employees is authorized, upon written request of state officers or employees to whom salaries and wages are to be paid, and may pay the same to any financial institution designated by the officers or employees for credit to their accounts. A single payment may be issued in favor of such financial institution, for the total amount due the officers or employees involved, and written directions provided to such financial institution of the amount to be credited to the account of each officer or employee. Financial institutions permitted to participate in the payroll program shall be those only which are qualified state depositories as provided by ORS 295.001 (Definitions for ORS 295.001 to 295.108) to 295.108 (State Treasurer rules).

(2) The issuance and delivery by the disbursing officer of a payment in accordance with the procedure set forth in subsection (1) of this section and proper acceptance thereof by the financial institution shall constitute full acquittance for the amount due to the officer or employee. [1967 c.69 §§2,3; 1969 c.378 §10; 1997 c.631 §443; 1999 c.311 §3; 2001 c.29 §1]