2017 ORS 285B.563¹
Water Fund
  • uses
  • conditions for making loan
  • grant awards
  • investment of fund moneys
  • rules and policies

(1) There is established in the State Treasury, separate and distinct from the General Fund, the Water Fund. Interest earned by the Water Fund shall be credited to the fund. All moneys in the Water Fund are continuously appropriated to the Oregon Business Development Department for the Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority for the purposes described in ORS 285B.560 (Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599) to 285B.599 (Effect of failure to repay to Water Fund), including the direct project management costs.

(2)(a) Moneys in the Water Fund may be obligated to water projects.

(b) Moneys shall be used primarily to make loans to municipalities. The authority may make a loan only if:

(A) The municipality applying for the loan certifies to the department that adequate funds will be available to repay the loan; and

(B) The authority determines that the amount of the loan applied for is based on a reasonable and prudent expectation of the municipality’s ability to repay the loan.

(c) The authority may award a grant if a loan is not feasible due to:

(A) Financial hardship to the municipality, as determined by the authority, based on consideration of anticipated water service charges or anticipated waste water service charges, the per capita income of the municipality and any other factors as the department by rule may establish; and

(B) Special circumstances of the water project.

(d) The authority may also award grants from the fund to:

(A) Identify and implement sustainable technologies and practices;

(B) Build asset management capacity for municipalities;

(C) Plan for strategic initiatives that focus on the regionalization of water systems; or

(D) Provide third party technical assistance to communities in the development of water systems that include asset management components.

(e) The authority may determine the amount of grant or loan funding on a case-by-case basis.

(3) The moneys in the fund may also be used to assist the authority in selling revenue bonds on behalf of municipalities in order to carry out the purposes of ORS 285B.560 (Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599) to 285B.599 (Effect of failure to repay to Water Fund).

(4) Moneys in the Water Fund may be invested as provided by ORS 293.701 (Definitions for ORS 293.701 to 293.857) to 293.857 (Separate accounts for each local government). The earnings from the investments and other program income shall be credited to the Water Fund.

(5) The Water Fund shall consist of:

(a) Moneys appropriated to the fund by the Legislative Assembly.

(b) Moneys transferred to the fund by the authority from the Special Public Works Fund created by ORS 285B.455 (Special Public Works Fund).

(c) Moneys transferred to the Water Fund by the Water Resources Commission from the Water Development Fund created by Article XI-I(1) of the Oregon Constitution.

(d) Moneys from any federal, state or other grants.

(e) Proceeds of revenue bonds issued under ORS 285B.575 (Issuance of revenue bonds).

(f) Earnings on the Water Fund.

(6) The authority shall administer the fund.

(7) The department shall adopt rules and policies for the administration of the fund. The department shall coordinate its rulemaking regarding safe drinking water projects with the Water Resources Department and the Oregon Health Authority. The rules adopted under this subsection for safe drinking water projects shall:

(a) Require the installation of meters on all new active service connections from any distribution lines funded with moneys from the fund or from the proceeds of revenue bonds issued under ORS 285B.572 (Eligibility of project for revenue bond financing) to 285B.578 (Nature of revenue bonds).

(b) Require a plan, to be adopted by a municipality receiving financial assistance from the fund, for installation of meters on all service connections throughout the drinking water system not later than two years after the completion of a safe drinking water project.

(8)(a) The Oregon Infrastructure Finance Authority shall manage the Water Fund and any expenditures from accounts in the fund and transfers between accounts so that the fund provides a continuing source of financing consistent with ORS 285B.413 (Legislative findings).

(b) If necessary to ensure repayment of bonds issued under ORS 285B.560 (Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599) to 285B.599 (Effect of failure to repay to Water Fund), the authority may reduce the value of the fund when the authority:

(A) Finds that without a reduction in fund value, bonds secured by the fund are likely to be in default; and

(B) Imposes a moratorium on grants until the requirements of paragraph (a) of this subsection are satisfied.

(9)(a) The authority may charge administrative costs to the fund, but not to moneys segregated in the account created by subsection (11) of this section, to pay for administrative costs incurred by the authority.

(b) To the extent permitted by federal law, administrative costs of the authority may be paid from bond proceeds.

(10) The authority may establish other accounts within the Water Fund for the payment of water projects costs, reserves, debt service payments, credit enhancements, costs of issuing revenue bonds, administrative costs and operating expenses or any other purpose necessary to carry out ORS 285B.560 (Definitions for ORS 285B.560 to 285B.599) to 285B.599 (Effect of failure to repay to Water Fund).

(11) There is created within the Water Fund a separate and distinct account for the proceeds from the sale of water development general obligation bonds issued for safe drinking water projects and credited to the special account under this section. Any investment earnings thereon shall be segregated in and continuously appropriated to a special, separately accounted for subaccount of this account. Moneys credited to this account shall be maintained separate and distinct from moneys credited to subaccounts created under subsection (10) of this section. Notwithstanding ORS 285B.566 (Use of awards) or subsection (4) of this section, all repayments of moneys loaned from the account created by this subsection, including interest on the moneys, shall be credited to the Water Development Administration and Bond Sinking Fund created by ORS 541.830 (Water Development Administration and Bond Sinking Fund).

(12) As used in this section, “administrative costs” include the authority’s direct and indirect costs for investigating and processing an application, developing a contract, monitoring the use of funds by a municipality, investigating and resolving a budget discrepancy, closing a project and providing financial and other assistance to a municipality. [Formerly 285.757; 1999 c.509 §45; 2001 c.883 §37; 2003 c.773 §50; 2005 c.835 §23; 2007 c.783 §107; 2007 c.804 §36; 2009 c.595 §200; 2009 c.830 §122a]

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