2015 ORS § 285B.344¹
Issuance of bonds

(1) At the request of the Oregon Business Development Department, the State Treasurer may issue under ORS 285B.320 (Purpose of ORS 285B.320 to 285B.371) to 285B.371 (Loans to eligible projects when state holds no interest) and ORS chapter 286A bonds secured by revenues from an eligible project or from other financing sources to finance or refinance in whole or part an eligible project and bond-related costs, including capitalized interest. The bonds must be identified by eligible project. Refunding bonds may be issued to refinance the bonds.

(2) The department or the State Treasurer may appoint bond counsel as prescribed under ORS 286A.130 (Bond counsel services).

(3) Any escrow agent, bond registrar, paying agent or trustee, if any, designated to carry out all or part of the powers specified in ORS 285B.335 (Powers of department) must agree to furnish financial statements and audit reports for each bond issue. [Formerly 285.350 [bad link]; 1999 c.509 §36; 2001 c.536 §1; 2003 c.167 §13; 2003 c.794 §240; 2007 c.783 §99; 2009 c.830 §90; 2012 c.59 §3]