2015 ORS § 285A.060¹
Advisory and technical committees

(1) To aid and advise the Oregon Business Development Commission in the performance of its duties, the commission may establish such advisory and technical committees as it considers necessary. Such committees may be continuing or temporary. The presiding officer of the commission shall determine the representation, membership, terms and organization of the committees and shall appoint their members. Members shall be appointed with due consideration given to the geographic representation described in ORS 285A.040 (Oregon Business Development Commission) (1). The Director of the Oregon Business Development Department, or designee, shall be an ex officio member of each committee.

(2) Members of the committees appointed pursuant to this section shall receive no compensation, but may receive payment for their actual and necessary travel and other expenses while engaged in the performance of their official duties. [Formerly 285.030 [bad link]; 2009 c.830 §14]