2015 ORS § 285A.050¹
Biennial report
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(1) The Oregon Business Development Commission shall report biennially to the Governor and the Legislative Assembly on the success of economic development efforts. The report shall include the progress toward achievement of performance measures for the Oregon Business Development Department as adopted by the Legislative Assembly. At a minimum, the report shall include the following:

(a) For the overall department and for identifiable programs and funding sources:

(A) The number of jobs created and retained;

(B) The average wage levels of jobs created and retained; and

(C) Other measures identified by the commission.

(b) The status of the Oregon economy as it relates to the economic strategy outlined in ORS 285A.020 (Legislative findings).

(c) Other issues identified by the commission.

(2) Reports to the Legislative Assembly required under this section shall be made in accordance with ORS 192.245 (Form of report to legislature). [Formerly 285.013 [bad link]; 1999 c.509 §5; 2001 c.174 §2; 2001 c.419 §8; 2003 c.773 §1; 2003 c.800 §6; 2007 c.804 §5; 2009 c.830 §12]