2015 ORS § 276.280¹
Definitions for ORS 276.285

As used in ORS 276.285 (Maintenance, preservation and development of state-owned property):

(1) Construction means the building, installation or assembly of a new facility; the addition, expansion, alteration, conversion or replacement of an existing facility; or the relocation of a facility from one location to another. Construction includes the installation of equipment made a part of the facility and related site preparation.

(2) Facility means a building, structure, utility and other support systems, or other improvement upon real property.

(3) Improvement means additions to buildings, structures or other facilities that are intended to be permanent.

(4) Maintenance means activities to keep facilities in an efficient operating condition and that do not add to the value or extend the economic life of the facilities.

(5) Operations means activities to run and use a facility for its purpose.

(6) Real property means land and all buildings, structures and improvements thereon. Real property includes fixtures erected on, above or under the land, and includes landscaping, crops, fencing and other support elements.

(7) Repair means work done to restore worn or damaged real property or facilities to normal operating condition.

(8) Replace means to exchange or substitute a facility component for another component performing the same function at the same or higher level of performance or economy and in compliance with then current building code requirements. [1995 c.452 §9]