2015 ORS § 274.480¹
Rights of riparian owners on Malheur and Mud Lakes

The owners of lands riparian to Malheur and Mud Lakes, in Harney County, Oregon, shall be granted title to so much of the lands within the meander lines of such lakes as is required to fill out the least fractional subdivision or subdivisions of any section owned by such upland owners, and which is rendered fractional by the meander line of such lakes, in addition to the rights recognized by ORS 274.430 (State ownership of meandered lakes) to 274.460 (Settlers and riparian owners preferential right to purchase land within meander lines) to any natural accretion or reliction added to the lands of such upland owners prior to May 24, 1923. Owners of any upland bordering upon such meander lines shall have a preferential right to purchase, in addition, 160 acres of such state lands, chiefly valuable for agricultural purposes. [Amended by 1967 c.421 §137]