2015 ORS § 274.460¹
Settlers and riparian owners preferential right to purchase land within meander lines

All persons qualified to become entrymen and to secure land patents under the homestead laws of the United States and who prior to January 1, 1921, in good faith settled upon lands within the meander lines of lakes returned as navigable by the United States surveys and who, on January 1, 1921, by reason of settlement, cultivation and improvements on any such lands would be entitled to patent from the United States if such lands were open or subject to homestead entry are given a preference right to purchase from the State of Oregon such lands so settled upon by them, not exceeding 160 acres for any one person, upon such terms and at such prices and within such times as shall be fixed by the Department of State Lands. However, owners of the upland bordering upon such ordinary high water mark have a preference right to purchase, at the best price bid, state lands described in ORS 274.430 (State ownership of meandered lakes) and riparian to their lands, and not exceeding 160 acres, in addition to the lands granted them by ORS 274.430 (State ownership of meandered lakes) and 274.440 (Acquisition of future rights to meandered lakes denied). [Amended by 1967 c.421 §135]