2015 ORS § 274.430¹
State ownership of meandered lakes
  • status as navigable and public waters

(1) All meandered lakes are declared to be navigable and public waters. The waters thereof are declared to be of public character. The title to the submersible and submerged lands of such meandered lakes, which are not included in the valid terms of a grant or conveyance from the State of Oregon, is vested in the State of Oregon.

(2) ORS 274.430 (State ownership of meandered lakes) to 274.450 (Acquisition of riparian rights by department) shall not apply to any nonnavigable lakes lying within the boundaries of any duly organized and incorporated drainage district which was in existence on January 1, 1921.

(3) Nothing in this section impairs the title of any upland or riparian owner to or any vested rights in land which was added prior to May 25, 1921, by natural accretion or reliction to the lands of such upland owner. [Amended by 1967 c.421 §132]