2015 ORS § 273.755¹
Filing maps of railroad location and depot sites
  • departments duties

(1) Whenever a railway company mentioned in ORS 273.751 (State land grants to railroads), or its successors or assigns, files with the Department of State Lands a map of the definite location of its road lines through any state lands, the department thereafter shall except from sale such right of way and lands for purposes named in ORS 273.751 (State land grants to railroads).

(2) Whenever a railway company has selected a tract of state lands for any purpose mentioned in ORS 273.751 (State land grants to railroads), the company shall file with the department a map of the same, with a description connected with surveys acceptable to the department. After such map has been filed, after completion of construction of a railroad through such lands and upon payment for the lands at the rate of $1 per acre, the department shall execute and deliver to the company, its successors or assigns, deeds for the tracts of lands so selected. [Formerly 273.190]