2015 ORS § 273.751¹
State land grants to railroads

There is granted to all persons constructing railways built after February 21, 1891, within the boundaries of the state, and to their successors and assigns:

(1) A right of way through any unimproved state lands, of the width of 100 feet, being 50 feet in width on each side of the center line of the road.

(2) All necessary grounds for stations, depots, shops, side tracks, turntables and water stations, not exceeding 10 acres in any one place, upon payment to the state of the sum therefor as fixed by the Department of State Lands.

(3) The right to take, from the lands of this state adjacent to the route lines of the road, material necessary for the construction of the roads.

(4) The right to construct and maintain railroad bridges over any navigable waters in this state. All bridges crossing navigable waters shall be subject to such regulations, restrictions and compensation as may be fixed by the department, and shall be so constructed as not unnecessarily to interfere with navigation. [Formerly 273.180]